Every Day is An Act of Resistance by Carol Tarlen
"This book is simply a treasure. Carol Tarlen's poems bring the human and political together in rich, heart-felt ways. I can't help wishing Carol was still with us, but we should all be extremely grateful to have this fine collection of her work out in the world as a legacy and tribute to her compassion for others, and her passion for writing and for life. She had an uncompromising commitment to the truth without sentimentality or condescension. Carol Tarlen was a Straight Shooter. In 'Nellie Perkiss Speaks Her Mind,' she writes 'The news don't never tell the way it really is.' Well, Carol Tarlen always told things the way they really are. These poems deserve a wide and diverse readership-read this book, and pass it on.” —Jim Daniels, Poet & Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
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